The Rapture Part I

The Rapture Part I

Fullfillment of : The Signs in The Sky, The Festivals in Summer, and The Parables of The End Times

Jopie Rattu, Sridadi Atiyanto


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The end of times is a topic that always attracts the attention of the Lord’s congregation since the beginning, because in the last days, the believers will be raised into the clouds to meet the Lord. However, Lord Jesus also stated that in the last days, there will be a severe persecution. That is why they need to prepare themselves to face this severe persecution.

In this first part of the book, the authors present very basic things that should be known by Christians, namely, things relating to the end times which include:

  • Signs and marks 666 which must not be accepted by Christians.

This section explains the link between "Biochip" and 666 and the reasons and verses that explain why God's children may not accept chip666. What are the consequences for a child of God who receives Chip666 and what is the fate of a child of God who refuses to accept it.

  • The importance of knowing the last world ruler, because from this kingdom will emerge ten kings and antichrists.
  • There are four main end times figures, namely Satan, ten kings, antichrist and false prophets. The Bible clearly explains these four figures so we can interpret these figures today.
  • Rapture: what and when.

The rapture will occur after the time of tribulation but before the vials of God's wrath. This means that God's children will experience persecution.

  • The difference between the tribulation period and God’s wrath period.
  • Tribulation period: when it starts and ends.
  • The events that occurred related to the opening of each seal of the seven seals in the Book of Revelation.
  • Emergence and duties of “two witnesses of God.”

When the appearance of two witnesses of God and what are their duties.

  • Christian preparations and attitudes in the end times.

Because at the end times all of God's children will experience persecution, so much preparation must be done. Where the preparation is not only related to the physical but primarily spiritual preparation that requires time and sincerity.

In addition, at the end of this book, the estimated “The Book of Revelation in a New Structure” is included.

Many Christians have difficulty understanding the contents of the Book of Revelation. This happened, for one thing, because the contents and events in the Book of Revelation were not sequential from beginning to end, there are several events that were repeated in other sections, because the Apostle John wrote the Book of Revelation from two visions, where some of the two visions are related to the same things. If all the same events are put together so that the contents of the Book of Revelation are sequential in time from beginning to end, then the Book of Revelation becomes easy to understand and even the meaning of the seven seals is easier to understand, without needing to be interpreted, because the meaning of the first to the third seal is found in another chapter of the Book of Revelation.



Jopie Rattu:

Rev. Dr. Jopie Rattu, D.Th.,Ph.D. - Director of Lembaga Rekaman Injil Indonesia (LRII) since 1979.

Lecturer at Tiranus Bible College since 1990. Chairman of Church Representatives and Chrstian Association (PGPK) 2006 - 2015.

Sridadi Atiyanto, Ph.D. - Chairman Tiranus Bible College Bandung-Indonesia 2011-2015.