Look at Type 2 of Civilization! as We Continue; We're Destroying Life! Are You Able, to Decide the Fair Destiny for Your Kids' Children?

Constantin Dutchevici


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The author starts with the hypothesis that there are extraterrestrial civilizations. He makes demomathematics the possibility of inertial traction that was largely developed by other beings in the cosmos. This major discovery is the possible future of humanity along with the generation of energy, depollution, and ethics to preserve all life on earth. He makes interesting predictions of the organization of future society. This book is an optimistic vision addressed to readers who are called to participate in shaping the future of humanity and generations to come. Here is a fragment. “Our homes are thousand-year-old concepts,” Ahve says. “But we now have introduced heating, air conditioning, windows, security doors, electric lighting, elevator, television, water, sewage, and other developments,” Reader says. “But electricity exists in only more-luxurious homes,” Ahve says. “Let’s formulate a concept closer to type-two civilizations. What is a house used for there?” “Eating, sleeping, storage, protection from the environment, and so on,” Reader says. “We are optimizing life through available knowledge,” Ahve says. “Let’s consider sleep. Why do we need to sleep?” “To regenerate our bodies,” Reader says “Let’s say that optimal restoration is in the mother’s belly,” Ahve says. “Optimal temperature, humidity, and power supply. We transfer these conditions to the sleeping man.”