Functional Medicine in Primary Care

Functional Medicine in Primary Care

Together, We Will Get You Better

Dr. Aunna C Herbst


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Did you go into medicine because you wanted to help people, but you’re feeling burnt out? Are you tired of treating every ill with a pill? Are you a patient, who just wants to tell your story, have somebody put it all together, and ultimately, help you get well? If you answered yes to these questions, Dr. Herbst’s book, Functional Medicine in Primary Care, is the answer for you!! For ALL- As you follow her journey through her illness and recovery, the reason Dr. Herbst is passionate about incorporating Functional Medicine into primary care, will be obvious. The clinical pearls she offers are relevant to chronic illness treatment and prevention. You will learn measures, easily put into action for many potential diseases… (cognitive decline, diabetes, hypertension, and many more.) The reader will also find supporting medical literature- giving you confidence to implement functional medicine- for the best health outcome possible!! For clinicians- Dr. Herbst gives information, tips and techniques on how to hear (and analyze) the patient’s story, in a short amount of time. For patients- To be heard, Dr Herbst provides recommendations to optimize your office visit. Not to mention, the chapters are full of quick and easy lifestyle applications. Dr Aunna Herbst’s Functional Medicine in Primary Care book shares pertinent information about genetics, biochemistry and pathophysiology. Learn many life changing tips on how to diagnose and treat common ailments seen in primary care office visits-including how to optimize thyroid function, achieve diabetes reversal, identify key nutrient deficiencies and genetic polymorphisms for which modifiable lifestyle changes can decrease disease risk, and much, much more! It is a life changing read for patients and healthcare providers alike, who want to truly help patients and for patients who want help restoring their health!!