Probing Particle Physics with Neutrino Telescopes

Probing Particle Physics with Neutrino Telescopes

Carlos Pérez de los Heros


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This book introduces the reader to how fundamental topics in particle physics can be studied with the largest neutrino telescopes currently in operation. Due to their large size, reaching cubic-kilometer volumes, and their wide energy response, these unusual detectors can provide insight on neutrino oscillations, dark matter searches or searches for exotic particles, new neutrino interactions or extra dimensions, among many other topics.

Lacking a man-made neutrino 'beam', neutrino telescopes use the copious flux of neutrinos continuously produced by cosmic rays interacting in the Earth's atmosphere, as well as neutrinos from astrophysical origin. They have therefore access to neutrinos of higher energies and much longer baselines than those produced in present accelerators, being able to search for new physics at complementary scales than currently available in particle physics laboratories around the world.

Written by carefully chosen experts in the field, the book introduces each topic in a pedagogical way apt not only to professionals, but also to students or the interested reader with a background in physics.

  • Introduction: Particle Physics with Cosmic Accelerators (Francis Halzen)
  • Neutrino Telescopes (Gisela Anton)
  • The Atmospheric Neutrino Flux (Thomas K Gaisser)
  • Probing High-Energy Interactions of Atmospheric and Astrophysical Neutrinos (Spencer R Klein)
  • Standard Neutrino Oscillations (Jason Koskinen)
  • Sterile Neutrinos, Non-Standard Neutrino Oscillations and Tests of Lorentz Invariance (Nuria Rius and Jordi Salvadó)
  • Tests of Dark Matter Scenarios with Neutrino Telescopes (Sergio Palomares-Ruiz)
  • TeV-Gravity Searches (José Ignacio Illana and Manuel Masip)
  • Probing Large Extra Dimensions with Neutrino Telescopes (Arman Esmaili)
  • Signatures of Supersymmetry in Neutrino Telescopes (P S Bhupal Dev)
  • Searches for Magnetic Monopoles and Other Stable Massive Particles (Maurizio Spurio)
  • Primordial Black-Hole Signatures in Neutrino Telescopes (Florian Kühnel and Tommy Ohlsson)

Readership: Graduate students and researchers in particle physics and astrophysics. Neutrino Telescopes;Particle Physics;Dark Matter;Neutrino Oscillations;Monopoles;Atmospheric Neutrinos;Neutrino Cross Section;Extra Dimensions0Key Features:
  • In contrast to the approach of other volumes which cover astrophysical subjects, this book covers particle physics subjects from the capabilities of neutrino telescopes
  • It gives a profound insight on each topic which can serve as a reference for years to come
  • Each chapter is written in a comprehensive and pedagogical way, useful for advanced students. It also goes into advanced details, which will be useful for active researchers in the field