Amazing Space Mysteries and Marvels

Amazing Space Mysteries and Marvels

Gayathri Ponvannan


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? It rains diamonds on Saturn. And on Jupiter. And on Neptune too! ? A comet once fell into the sun?and came out of the other side! ? Some stars turn into black holes! Humans have been gazing at the skies for ages, trying to figure out just what lies beyond us. Over the years, we have calculated the speed of light, the brightness of stars and the size of galaxies. We have landed spacecraft on our moon and on Saturn?s moon too. We have even sent probes that are currently travelling beyond the solar system, complete with messages for aliens! From the Big Bang to the Big Freeze, from the greatest theories to the weirdest mistakes, from the far reaches of the universe to our closest celestial neighbours, Amazing Space Mysteries and Marvels covers stars, moons, planets, comets, asteroids, meteors, galaxies, black holes and many more out-of-the-world topics that will make you go `ooh? and `aah?! With bite-sized information and photographs, this well-researched book is perfect for aspiring astronauts and anybody curious about the mysteries of the universe. What are you waiting for? Step into the 501 Facts Factory for a spectacular journey through space. '