Agency for the IB Programmes

Agency for the IB Programmes

For PYP, MYP, DP & CP: Learners in charge (Teaching for Success)

Simon Davidson


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Teach for success and implement effective strategies to develop a learning community that supports student agency and self-efficacy with this essential guide developed by an experienced PYP educator.

- Create opportunities for agency in the classroom with guidance and advice that focusses on the three agency strands: choice, voice and ownership.
-Explore the skills of being a learner and how to build these to enable students to influence and direct their own learning.
- Discover the role of play in learning with a dedicated chapter looking at the characteristics of play, why it is important and how it can develop understanding in learners of all ages.
-Agency is not just about the student - everyone is an agentic learner, even teachers. Learn how to change your growth mindset and become agentic learners too.