Digging into Financial Advice

Digging into Financial Advice

Finding the Best Help for You to Invest

Will Taylor


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Stock markets have enjoyed a historic run but make no mistake about it: The rally will eventually end and smiles will turn into frowns as gains disappear. So then, why are stocks, mutual funds, exchange traded funds and other investments used to own common stock so widely used and which service providers will be the best to help me through the stock market changes and to reach my goals? Will Taylor, a longtime financial planner, examines how to vet the financial advice you are receiving and the importance of developing a financial plan in this guide. He explains how many households at the edge of financial disaster erroneously see big stock market rallies as a way out – and why a comprehensive financial plan provided by a caring and competent financial planner is really the best remedy. Moreover, he reveals why many financial service providers advise clients to invest in products that may not be in the client’s best interest – and how to spot advice that is self-serving. Get a blueprint to make smart financial decisions and help your money grow over time with the insights in Digging into Financial Advice.