Baby Beats: Let's Learn 4/4 Time!

Baby Beats: Let's Learn 4/4 Time!

Ellen Stubbings


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Read, clap, and sing in 4/4 time! Count the beats like a conductor with the adorable animals in the marching band.

Get your baby smiling and clapping along with you as you discover a love of music together! Clap on the first syllable of each word—and don’t let go until the word is done. Before long, you’ll be clapping to the marching beat.

With Baby Beats: Let's Learn 4/4 Time, you’ll love to:
- Engage young readers with hands-on interaction, percussion, and song
- Build baby’s vocabulary by connecting words with illustrations
- Stimulate baby through multisensory reading experiences
- Inspire the love of conducting music for ages to come

Play conductor in other time signatures with the Baby Beats series: Let’s Learn 3/4 Time and Let’s Learn 2/4 Time!


Ellen Stubbings:

Odd Dot is an imprint of Macmillan Children's Publishing Group dedicated to creating joyful books for curious minds. Our mission is to develop interactive and substantive gift books that explore categories and formats never seen before. We are a proudly odd mix of makers, creators, and engineers, guided by the priorities of innovation, education, and play.

Ellen Stubbings is a children's book illustrator (Father Goose), comic artist, and cute thing maker. She graduated with a first class honors degree in Illustration from the University of Lincoln and currently resides in the UK. Ellen creates her art digitally in her tiny office, often accompanied by her husband, Wesley, and tuxedo cat, Figaro.